"New" kind of basses, pseudo metallic-percussive bass

Hello, ive been since my last post requesting a sound desing course learning by my own from tutorials, more tutorials, and more tutorials, screeches, growls, reeses, fm with Serum. But my surprise comes when I heard Red Lips Skrillex remix. Holy shit fuck u Sonny, ive been spending hours learning about borgore’s synths, zomboy, skrillex “typical” basses but u come now with that shit sound.

I mean this:


With one note he delivers 5-6 ““sounds”” with the same patch, I hear some typical fm like SeamlessR achieved in his attempt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RyLseTJHTg) but is not even close to the “realness” of the bass. It has a lot of percussive/metallic shit at the beggining.

In the song, at 2:30 we can hear those sounds better (but dont know if they are from the same bass), with some extra octaves, rhytms, they seem more “typical” but in 2:53 the original stuff comes again, with that kind of “jurassic park/alien” sound.
Any of u tried of achieve this?

I definitely did not achieve this

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Dont like Sonny much but would like to know as well, always nice to learn sth tbh

Given it’s him, I’m guessing some sort of FM bass, but maybe treated with something spectral on the high end? Usually when it sounds “metallic”, a sound is put through some FFT shit at some point. It could be a resonator too. It doesnt sound like any sort of comb filter, karplus-strong, or granulation - but used subtly it could have been processed with any of those too.

Not really up on the popular dubstep shit these days but it sounds interesting.