New Loefah track

Thoughts on this? Would mind hearing those acid tones drop in to a filthy bassline on friday.

Lol no wonder he stopped producing for ages, doesn’t exacly sound inspired. Weak track imo

the synths could’ve been a bit more spaced out imho, kinda D1-ish, you know?
good tune, I’d vibe to this and would cop.

I take it that female vocal is from the following track? sounds horrible.

yeah not a bad tune but nothing ground breaking

Lazy productions for someone like loefah.

I like the ambient pads, the acidy synths…they’re alright - sounds like a preset or something. The bass…well some loefah tunes have had less bass. It’s better than champion and veal that’s for sure.

Sounds like something skream would make, combined with loefah’s swamp plates like champion and grandmaster.

Most of Loefah’s best work are them early steppa and roller dubplates.

not a banger, but pretty chill track. I personally think it’s quite good.

Not bad at all. Just glad Loefah is still producing and it’s not shit. Stuck to his spacious style too.

sounds alright; if this was made by anyone other than loefah no one would give two shits.

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Take it for what it is really, just a smoked out beat. I like it personally

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I dig this, its great.

Those acid bleeps could use some saturator or something to thicken them up but Ii like this all in all.

Samples from Countryman are great, love this one about the fish, Countryman’s voice is so nice, killa tracks