New song - Untitled (150BPM experiment)

I’ve been working on this for the past week. It was mostly just an experiment so if I go back to it i’ll probably make the intro better and add drum fill things and stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Just felt like it was done for now. Feedback always appreciated.

Do a 140 VIP if you do go back on it.
As far as adding drum fills, I like that it’s minimal and sparse percussively, so try not to do too much to it lol. Maybe some reverb/delay automation for the snare. Did you record that guitar yourself? sounds good, really like the way that picks up on the fade out.

Thanks man. That’s what I meant by fills. Like reverb some extra kick hits… that kind of thing. I used for the guitar. Recorded a melody, bounced it then messed with it forward and reverse and stuff. And ya the outro I had maximus in the master and faded out the highs and lows faster than the mids (guitar) to get that :slight_smile: glad you like it and thanks for the feedback.

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I like how everyone is starting to do 150 stuff now. Really interesting.