New to DSF. Deep,Dub,Ambient

Hey DSF!

I’m fairly new to producing (from Australia)
Here’s a latest track i’ve been working on.
Trying to push more deep,dub,ambient sounds.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



Awareness is good!
Anywhere to download these tunes?

Also, you got a soundcloud?

Ahh, it’s sooooooo dreamy!

Aye, look out for @Sarbjeet_Jagdev, you guys know what’s up.

Thanks mate!
All those tracks are from the last 2 years or so. ( Awareness being the latest from a month ago)
Working on some more similar to that sound now.

I made a soundcloud just now after the request haha ( )
If you have an email there i can send you some tunes.

Checking out all your tunes now. Really digging them dude! Miss Winifred Fraser is real nice.