New to the forum and producing. Help!

Hey guys, I’m new to this forum and I mean I guess you can say to producing but I’ve been into it for almost 5 fucking years. I’m just getting so frustrated. I try so hard to make a song. Anything? I try to make a complete song and I can never do it at all. I’ve spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and just sitting there on my stuff trying to figure out what it is that makes it so hard for me to create a full song. I feel as if the theory of music making just isn’t burned into my head. I feel like I can’t grasp “structures” or “buildups” or “drops”. I own machine I have a mac for that but recently I’ve been playing with fl a demo version just to see what it’s about. Everything about this is so challenging. I’ve put my mind to it and tried very very hard. Quitting is the last thing I want to do because I want more than anything to produce. Just very unsure what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t grasp this. Has anyone else been in this hole in the beginning of there journey? Thanks guys.

hey there cowboy, you seem invested in production so i’ll point you here:

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Thanks bro

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just regular

starting this way wasted about 2 years of my time…

when you try and copy tunes you end up feeling unfulfilled and worthless. Constantly A/B’ing tunes against a badman producer will leave you feeling like you’ll never be good enough.

Develop your own sound imo. When you stop caring about the exterior shit about music music i.e the social side of it, you will find yourself pumping out tunes that you actually like. At least thats how it worked for me.

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yeah i mean, it comes without saying, all art is inspired by other art. Nothing wrong with trying to emulate a certain sound and learn from it. But actually trying to copy song for song another artist is a waste imo and backwards.

Honestly though, looking at the production sub forum here, its 90% people trying to sound like other people…

how to make this sound, this wub, this base etc… Its fucking wack imo, and its a bad way to think about art and music.

Yea I’ve tried that path. I always feel like I go no where with that then I get mad and end up just trying to make my own stuff. It never sounds full enough or have any sort of organization. Very very annoying. I just wanna break threw this barrier I kno once I do I’ll be ok. It’s hard though.