New track give me your opignion!

Hey man,
I make a new tracks and i want YOUR opignion !!!
GIve me some feedback please :

well there is a lot of things to fix here
but maybe start fixing the sub bass
it sounds too high and also it doesnt really work the way it is
then change the drums,the reverby snare definitely doesnt work neither
also add more stereo to this,it sounds almost full mono and improve the cymbals

The intro was very bland and uninteresting, it was very empty and could have been so much better. There was no breakdown, no build up, no FXs or anything. There is no side chaining which makes the mix very unclear and everything is struggling to stand out in the mix and makes the drums sound very weak. The track is very repetitive which would make listeners click away fast. You also didn’t put a sub through the whole track, you put it only when the kick was hitting which is a no no. You have to put a sub every time you have a synth playing, without a sub playing the synths are very weak by themselves and Bass music is basically weird without a sub. That main bass has way too many highs and is piercing, doesn’t help the fact that it is repeated through out the whole song. That snare with reverb is very weird, you are not supposed to have reverb on the snare itself, you grab a clap and put reverb on it and cut the lower frequencies and layer it with the snare. Not put reverb on the snare itself, the snare is supposed to be dry without reverb.

you definetely need to sidechain your drums here
the intro was… really empty, it wasn’t really interesting to listen.
the basses in the drop are a bit piercing, it hurts a bit, like script said the reverby snare doesnt work
fix the sub too

This is very messy.
Lower the octave of your sub bass.
Make a new bass synth, very muddy sound