New Tune.. Fraught - Rise [DNB] feedback needed for future reference :)

Fraught - Rise (Original Mix) [Drum and Bass]

Thanks guys!


intro sounds beautiful, but in the build up… why we only hear the sidechain and not the kick ? same for the second one.
the drop is lovely, you should probably change the snare, take a snare similar to netsky’s for example.
this one is cool and fit, but another snare with a tail could make the track even more better

in the breakdown, you should have added somekind of guitar with some reverb on it, and some vocals, same for the second drop, you should have added real strings that follows the chords, i would have done personally.

otherwise man your track is beautiful, keep up the good work!

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Intro is good but it gets repetitive and its super progressive so at some point you feel to skip to the drop tbh
maybe some variation ,fills ,breaks for make it more interesting
i would change the drums on the drop,they doesnt really fit imo
but this is really nice

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The intro is really good I like it a lot, but as Paradigm said, during the build up why is there no kick but side chain? Although I do hear this sort of click in there instead of a kick. For the leads in the chorus/drop maybe make the leads have a bit more highs but not that much just a little bit. Other than that I really got nothing else to say the track is really nice. Good job.

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Intro is solid as was mentioned. I like the way vocal is chopped and manipulated. The tune has a really upbeat and poppy flavor which is normally not my cup of tea at all, but you did a solid job of producing a tune in that vain.

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Thank you all for the feedback!! It was all really helpful and glad to hear that you share the same opinions about it because it really defines what can be changed! :smiley:

made a little video for it too :slight_smile:


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Breaks are a little too splash-y for my liking, but as mentioned above the build ups you’ve got going are lush and I am a sucker for a bit of piano :slight_smile:

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