New User, Mass Effect Dubstep (feedback, please!)

Hey guys!

I’m new here and would consider myself an absolute beginner, as I started producing about 6 months ago. Recently I made a track inspired by the Mass Effect trilogy and would like to get your feedback on it. I’d really appreciate comments on the mix, which is still the hardest part for me to figure out how to do “right”. (This track is not mastered at all)

Thank you in advance!

PS: If anyone could tell me, how to embed a Soundcloud link, I’d be very happy!

Nice, I love the arp range…nice work with that. I appreciate your moving hats too. I think you are off to a good start man. The mix is everything…don’t think that mastering makes your track magically sound good. Your goal should be to have a pro sounding track with only a limiter on your master.

Work on separating your sounds more so that they don’t overlap and muddy everything up. Your saws for example seem too overpowering and fat in the low end. If you EQ out some of the lower saw freq you will prob open up your mix a lot more.

I would watch your dimension effects too. It sounds like your reverb / delays are kicking out more low end than what you want…you could prob benefit from high passing them so you don’t have so much low end room effect. Right at 4:05 when you have your piano ring out, it sounds too low-mid range heavy. If you take that lower end out of your verb / delay, your mix will sound a little more open and crisper.

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Thanks, man! Really appreciate your advice! I’ll definitely have an eye on that.