"New wave" grime MCs you're rating

theres so many sick mcs coming up, who are you guys rating?

Rocks (this tune just gets me toooooooooooo gassed)

Jammz (bad boi producer and radio don)

my minds blank atm cant even think of any more sick guys theres too many haha

cadell is alright.
not too keen on the square theyre kind of hit and miss for me same with nov.
jammz is pretty good

Faultsz from the Square has a tune with Finn coming out on his next EP. Can’t wait for that.

Cadell will be sick if he does his own thing… hes started working with Wiley a lot lately and hes opening himself to easy critisism. Hopefully hes seen what happened with Wiley going mainstream/earning £$£$£$£ and stays away from that direction. Hopefully Wileys learnt enough to keep him away from that too.

Bugzy Malone is good too, his send for Chip was really good.

Couple in The Square are good; although a lot of them are leaving now (Nov left, dunno who else left). Hopefully a couple will come through now Nov has left and the spot light isn’t constantly on him… I rate Faultsz.

YGG are good:

& they’re on Sir Spyros show this Sunday.

I think the main problem with young MCs coming through is they keep trying to write new bars or writing those hype bars or writing bars for people… instead of building up a collection. I can’t think of many that’d last on a whole set. Nov, for example, has been doing loads of shows/festivals this year but you’ll still catch the pengaleng bars and lewisham mc d bars being shouted repeatedly. Not enough ‘set’ material. Whereas back in the day a 2 hour radio show would be just one or two MCs spitting for the whole time.

1 BigUp

Jammz has blown up, regret not asking him to jump on a riz set :frowning:

MicTy I rate aswell, Big Zu is pretty intense but pretty jokes in person.

Jammz is a safe guy man just ask him!

and yeah haha that Radar set I did Jack Dat told me some MCs were coming but I wasnt expecting the whole of YGG, MicTy and Big Zuu hahaha

been feeling ygg when i saw em with j cush on deck there were some deserved wheels (something about running up on ur whole family),
i think mic ty and big zuu too, can’t q remember who’s who- who’s the guy with the FUCK UR WIFE, FUCK UR LIFE bars he’s jookes

bored of ‘been spitting since x’ bars, swear its not just jammz, everyones got one thats like since d double/jme/kano/ etc- like idgaf if u have stop tryna pin ur flag on old grime do ur own shit you got the talent- if u really had been spitting that long tho i would expect you to have reached a higher level though hah


yeah thats Mic Ty that has the fuck ur wife bars, mans jokes

all about Lyrical Strally from YGG tho

“Luke Skywalker thats not LS. Los Santos thats not LS”

does aj tracey count

yeah id say so. this threads 2 years old tbf

i think most of the threads on here are like 2 years plus lol

Yeah it kind of died after the move