Newb Ableton/FL Vocal Problem!

I feel pretty ridiculous asking about this, but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong and I’m sure it’s something super obvious. I’m working with some vocalists that are using FL studio, and recorded over a beat of mine in FL at 130, although the instrumental’s bpm in Live is at 131. I have the FLP file and tried exporting at different bpms, tried adjusting the bpm in ableton, trying to get it warped in live etc etc. Seems like I’ve never really had this problem with adapting vocals as long as I had the bpm of whatever daw they were recorded in, all the transients in live were properly aligned etc.

Sorry if it’s glaringly obvious. Thanks for the help

if i understand it correctly, you made a track in ableton that’s 131.

you then recorded vocals for said track into FL (why not directly ableton?) and the project file was set @ 130?

if so, just export the audio from FL as it is, the project bpm should not have effect on recorded audio from my pov

edit: reread your post. still, as long as they didnt timestretch your tune to 130, just export the audio as it is

hey man, thanks for the reply. i’m pretty sure things got timestretched or something…i’m not familiar at all with FL but whenever I adjust the bpm in the FLP it’s stretching all the files, so exporting as-is doesn’t seem to be working.