Nite - Genesis

Finishing this song up, about to start shopping it to labels, I was wondering I guess what you’d classify this as, and if anyone has any suggestions of blogs or labels to release with.

Let me know what you think!

100% dubstep, solid track as well props

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Why thank you! I guess Im lost as to what is still considered dubstep anymore or if anyone still calls it that. I’ve heard people throwing around the word “deep dubstep” which sounds pretty redundant haha

Not really worth gettin caught up in it imo, if it sounds good then thats what matters really. Definitely on the deeper side of things though, which is always nice!

True, nothing worse than arguing about labels and sub genre names.

please use dubs forum in the future and read the rules before posting

cool track, but…

I think i most would agree - don’t post tracks on soundcloud if your gonna send 'em to labels :wink:


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Eh, most if not all of my past releases have been posted as previews before being signed to labels. Every song I’ve ever put out has been signed and almost all of them have reached 60k+

I appreciate your swift renaming of my thread, however my post was not for feedback on the tune as much as I was just curious of its classification, I have read the rules many times as I have been a member here for 6+ years. A little tip for you in the future, coming into a thread simply to regulate is not a good look, pretty lame, next time try regulating AND maybe contributing to the thread as well! <3

Asking about the genre classification for a tune (nevermind, your own tune) doesn’t belong in the production forum.

If this isn’t a dubs/feedback thread, then it’s basically self-promo, which shouldn’t be on the forum (any sub-forum) at all…

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sorry, didn’t realised you’d ‘made it’,

i must be living under a rock, thought u were just a regular person looking for feedback…

took me a while to find…

Tbf, accepting advice (which is what you gave) is always optional.
Big tune though OP. It’s gone now, but I was listening to it quite a bit while I was b&.

thanks for pointing that out bud :wink: