No U-Turn/ Techstep



No U Turn possess a special place in my heart.

My first encounter back in the day (never forget):

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saigon is worth checking out too - sublabel of no u turn

no u turn took a turn for the worse after ed rush left imo
they still put out some decent stuff but nowhere near as good or interesting. but that was just dnb at the time, with og techstep dying out and neuro starting to take over

trace went all neuro with dsci4 too. then felt bad about it and started putting out amen rinseouts via 117 recs

there was good stuff at the time tho:

  • moving shadow had dom & roland and tech itch
  • droppin science defo need a mention. dank af and set the stage for biotic/xxx
  • tech itch’s labels put some of best tech step around imo (decoder) and then darkstep
  • dylan had a hand in pushing darkstep too. prob moreso than tech itch, with biotic/xxx and later on freak recs
  • dylan also had a label with loxy - cylon (which is now run by loxy alone) - that put out 2nd gen techstep
  • and speaking of 2nd gen techstep, renegade hardware need a mention. loads of good tunes from loxy, ink and prob the best neuro to this day imo aka konflict
  • position chrome did the techstep thing in germany after panacea took over the label. put out early shit from current value too. then kinda disappeared for a while but re-emerged as a darkstep/technoid w/e label in the mid 2000s
  • stakka & skynet put out some good tech/early neuro via audio blueprint
  • doc scott’s 31 records was killing it imo - kinda like a better metalheadz at the time imo since metalheadz fell hard after 1997. not that metalheadz were solely putting out crap

i find it kind of ironic that usually you hear people talking shit on darkstep “oh that 170 bpm school shooting music killed off dnb” but have no problem with wack watered down shit like ram, the stadium dnb of breakbeat kaos or terrible tearout.
darkstep didn’t really do anything that wasn’t already in techstep/early neuro. it just added extra jungle hardcore ruffage (darkstep) and tresor-style hard techno (technoid).

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when’d ed rush leave? to form virus? i’ve checked a bit of virus but it never caught me in the same way, didn’t release no u turn had another sub label

like if i couldn’t like this label anymore, they go and do Turn U On and put out early horsepower

why did i make this thread when the youtube linking’s fucked ffs

around 97 i guess

and yeah those turn u on records are great. think i like those more than tempa horsepower


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masters of The Overly Long Intro

worth the wait tho

the way the amen comes into this one, and then returns for the outro

such a distinctive drums sound, guess that’s from using the same exact sample in every tune, is it an amen? always sounds sooo different to anyone elses though, and the kicks sound like drum machines?

a good part of that was nico engineering everything

Do you know if he had any secret sauce in his chain (tube compressor or someting)?

dunno about nico but optical did a long ama on reddit, seems to have been pushing desk gains, distortions and the filters on their samplers, in particular the emu, colouring the sound

i’d love to have made dnb in the 90s with engineers ‘oi nico make me a fat reese’, ‘pete parsons get off your arse and flange this amen’


also defo need a knob boy to tell him where to place drums n shit cause producing is long

oi rob playford make me 1 million

thanks man.


the fuck is that mid bass, synth? sampled? what has he done with the pan and shit that it seems to move out and reverb a little at the end of the phrases/ tons of automation different stuff

in a trace mood

not a subtle trace mood either

(like no lie the drums in this first one are a bit shite)

realized i know 0 about renegade hardware

literally mutant revisited (v1 mix1) lol

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wrong post

Yeah, Mutant Revisited was co-produced and engineered by Dom.

Can’t believe I missed this thread

stealing these from the tech step thread on doa


fuuuuuuuck — mumbmumbmuUumb - - imo this johnny l bit is the essense of the sound almost parodied
everything is the wrong size lol just fitted
like tri in the square hole biz

funny its called koka cause it sounds exactly like amphetamine

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its the OG juno reese actually

(first reese sampled off kevin saunderson)

i think at least, sounds a lot like that

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