Noisia - Stigma (Musical Device name)?

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@ 1:09 everything drops out apart from the bass. By itself it implies a certain rhythm and feel but when the drums come in they reframe the context and now the rhythmic feel has shifted.

Can anyone tell me the name of this musical device? I know it exists because I’ve seen it before but can’t for the life of me remember!

To add to this:-

It has nothing to do with the actual bass sound, how it is made or it’s texture. Just the shift in perception of where the strong beat is when the track moves from the bass in isolation to when the drums come in.

Can’t listen right now but are you talking syncopation?
Could also be polyrhythms but I’d have to listen

Update! Here are some examples taken from the song (very small clips which I think constitutes fair use)

^This is the original song taken from the very downbeat where this starts and then finishes with the drum beats

^This is with a kick layered under the implied beat. You’ll notice it fits with what’s happening and what we feel is “right” BUT when the drums come in we find it’s actually wrong.

^Here the kick is layered on the beat where the beat actually is. This fits perfectly with where the drums come in but notice how it feels “wrong” the bass rhythm is constantly fighting it. It’s only when all the drums a

&Toisof it does incorporate syncopation but that isn’t the point, it got larger. It’s taking a syncopated beat that has an implied downbeat that is actually not where the “real” downbeat is. The examples should hopefully make it clearer.



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