Nokare - Bank. (Dubstep)

Hi everyone ! Here is a song I made, I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile: I’m open to any feedback !

Thanks !

HO SHIT that was wonky. I reposted - Big ups dude! Heres my rundown
Arrangement: 6/10
The Intro feels a bit rushed, and parts of your drop i think are too looped feeling, mainly the start. I see that it builds to get more complex and rhythmic later in the song, but it kills the momentum for that first drop to be so plain.
Sampling: 6/10
Pretty strait forward, i like the tag lines at 1:35 and 3:27, and the background “go’s”. Seems pretty light on sampling overall however - as in within the drum kit and bass lines. Sometimes some light sampling over top the basses can thicken up and diversify the sound, as well as shift the rhythm. Sample Choice: Seems like really well compressed kicks and a 808 kit. Go dig around and find some more unique hits my dude, it will spit shine your sound to become its own.
Sequencing: 6/10
The melody’s are nice with the bass (being modulated by a vocoder?) during the intro’s and down time’s but it does get kind of apparent through out the song that the drop is literally just one note your modulating. Don’t get me wrong, that second drop’s bass automation makes it sound strait out of a EPTIC and SPAGHEDDY tune, which is just strait fucking filth, but don’t be afraid to take some of your melodic bouncy side into your bass programming. As for drums, i hate to say it but they were boring. I don’t think in a dubstep tune its wise to stray from a kick snare heavily, but don’t be afraid to break the pattern a couple times to throw the ears into limbo. It’s a great way to draw attention back to the rhythm and distract the audience.
Synthesis: 7/10
The main bass patch seems to be pretty diverse since you used it a couple times and in different ways. Thats pretty awesome so i give you ups for that, however some variation with patches could have been nice as i said earlier, and the high end of the bass (who needs that anyway? well its actually important when your drop is supposed to fill the spectrum and your just using a bass patch) seemed to be lacking. Perhaps a small synth patch EQboosted on the important frequencies could be layered over it to fix that. Intro synths seem to be pretty run-of-the-mill , no comment really.
Keep in mind i pretty much didn’t take any of my own advice on my own work so take mine with a grain of salt. Once again, great job dude. Check out my latest dubstep tune, id love to hear your opinion.

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Real nice man! sounds great. Good mix. Good synths. All good… Make more.


Wow dude, big thanks for that detailed feedback ! I really appreciated it, I’ll try to keep your advice in my mind for my next tracks !
Again, thank you and sorry for my English, I’m French :slight_smile:

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This is nice bro. Very wonky. Cool sounds. Only suggestion would be maybe add some variation to the drums in the drop. Add some extra kicks here and there with the velocity down. Maybe a bit more punch in the drums? I’m not sure if that was the vibe you are going for though man. Dope track though man. Good shit xD

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Thanks dude, I’ll try to vary the drum in my next drops :wink: