Non genre specific - what is it and have you made any?

I’m interested in music that sits between genres, something that sounds familiar but if you were ever asked to describe it to someone, you’d be lost for words!

Artists that are hard to categorise and pin down like:

  • Andy Stott,
  • Amon Tobin,
  • Matmos
  • Elysia Crampton

What others do you have trouble categorising?

Holly Herndon could be another example.

I’d call all of those Electronica, maybe Stott is dub/techno.

What about Amon Tobin? He takes from hiphop, dubstep and RnB

Electronica is still a broad enough term IMO.

Not ever track has to be shoehorned into a specific genre.

Of course. Do you have any examples that you find hard to pin down?

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