Noobie NI Massive Question!

Yoyo guys, newbie here so be gentle…

I’ve been playing the guitar almost 7 years and in the last year started producing dubstep and loving it.
Logic Pro X

Just a question regarding NI Massive; when I modulate parameters using an LFO (i.e cutoff) I can often find the results are a little sloppy with little bits of overlap into the next bar etc. (in comparison to using say, a performer) You guys got any tips to getting a nice and tight sound with the standard LFO?

Also, Logic Pro X is awesome, but I haven’t had much luck with pitch bending from Massive. Any tips?

Help a brudda out! Peaceee

Sounds like the release setting are too long and it is continuing to filter the released sound. You could alter the phase of the lfo and see if that works, or shorten the release. Alternatively, you could route a macro to the lfo amp module and automate the lfo to stop at a certain point.
Hope this helps.

Thanks man. I’ll try this out