Not your typical bass sounds

I’m curious what odd or non-traditional bass sounds you guys have used in the past, or instruments/VSTs that are not normally used for basses that you’ve used to good results. Sick of reading and watching videos where everyone uses the typical basses, Massive, Albino and the like.

What’s the most unique sound you’ve used for bass? I’ll start by saying I generally use Operator, but I’m moving on, sick of getting similar sounds all the time.

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I always use 3xOsc for basses and subs.

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destructive sampling is my go to,

can get some crazy bass with harmonics by pushing a sample far too hard through various fx chains, then you resample that, eq all (or some) of the harshness out

Youre typically gonna get the best result (imo) by keeping the actual subby bit a pure-ish sine wave, and gently adding excitement to the sine bass with some upper harmonics of a fully different source. Layer the two together and voila. Heavy and odd.


Get your head round granular synthesis and almost anything can be a bass sound.


love granular, esp. taking micro sounds and expanding them.

I’ve made some pretty sick bass with the cowbell machine on an Elektron Analog RYTM.

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Get a lesser known digital synth then play about with FMing various digital waveforms over a lower sub.

Key is to use a different source from standard. No one wants to hear Scrapyard anymore

Alternatively sample hits with a sub added work well, reckon that’s what Darq e Freaker mostly uses.

Bought a DI box and nowadays i’ll use an actual bass guitar

Resampling something over and over can be interesting.