Numo - Rotate

Yo, adding this one to my free ep. Definitely different vibes for me. Doesn’t really fit with the rest of my stuff.
Check it out, if it sucks, tell me why. If its good and want more like this, let me know.


I like this one. Really warm crisp sound :slight_smile: Like what you did with the panning too

Can I ask how you made your sub?

Just asking coz I haven’t figured out how to get a good wobble on mine yet and it’s been bugging me for a while

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I really like the panning on this…feels very lively.Dig the drums too.The effects or whatever at the 3 min mark are also dope.

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Thanks man, yea panning is cool.

For sub bass, I just use massive. I’m not sure what you use, but I’m sure you can take something out of this direction.

I use a triangle sine. Some people use square, either way. Adjust the wave table all the way to the left, to get the most basic sound out of it… Tune it down to -24. There are 12 keys in an octave, so this is going to take you down 2 octaves. For the envelope. I use a bit of a longer attack. Helps duck the sub away when the kick hits, also I usually get a click with massive if I don’t set the attack back a bit. (use envelope 4 on massive) The attack “level” is all the way up. Decay is pretty wide. Release is almost at the end but not, I find it clicks here too if its tight to the end. As for the wobble part. Select a daft filter for wave table one (all other wave tables should be muted.) Drag the LFO5 up to the cut off knob of the daft filter. Play around with rates in the lfo settings. You can adjust how deep you want the lfo to affect the cut off in the filter params.

Next step if you want some distortion on top… Duplicate that track. so you have 2 subs… eq all the low stuff out of the duplicate. Add distortion or whatever you want.

Thanks for listening bud.

Thanks man!

Hey Numo, first of all, damn. That was fuckin kickin. Love the style. Heres my rundown.
Arrangement 8/10
Natural progression - the song glides up and down from beginning to end. the energy naturally builds and dissipates in a very pleasing way.
Sampling - Didn’t really hear much sampling :frowning: not that it necessarily NEEDED it, but your brooding down low energy parts in the beginning and after the first drop could have been thickened up with some ambient sound from a train station, water droplets dripping, wind blowing through grass, just any ambience that could add the effect of being transported to another place.
Sequencing : 6/10
Pretty much the same chord progression the entire time but with different automation. I like it, don’t get me wrong - and in this style it can kind of get confusing to have multiple melodies and progressions going on - but its all made up by your dynamic use of drum kits that add enough of sequencing variation to keep it lively.
Synthesis : 7/10
I think you should explore a couple different LFO’s or Performance LFO patterns, (on the bass) as the bass eventually gets a bit old. Slight variations can create the illusions of whole new sections within a drop. Either way i like your background chords and high end synths which really create a rich atmosphere that fills in the EQ nicely.

Thats my opinion. Great job man and id love to see what you think of my latest dubstep tune!

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Nice, didn’t expect anybody to do a full on review. Thanks for that, I’ll keep some of those ideas for the next one. Helps a lot. Post a link for your track!

There’s my latest dubstep track!