O.M.Dz - Cooking Up Dope / 140


Any feedback is welcome! Hope you all like it! Thank you very much in advance!

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Yeah sounding pretty good, sounds like you’ve got the right kind of thing in the right kind of place with the right kind of levels! I’ve listened to it a couple of times to help give some ideas…

Few things to tweak:

  • I’d start with switching out samples, like that snare is a bit too boxy and lacks punch imo so maybe you could layer some up (maybe with a clap too). If you can snag one off something like a dub track all the better though (I always prefer samples like)… here’s a sick set: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/big-collection-of-breaks-samples/9610 (If the link is dead it’s called Moldover Molded Breaks if you wanna search it)
    … same with the kick, I like a fat rubbery wave of air pumping on my face personally! I prefer kicks in garage to DnB really…

  • the bass has something about that makes it too prominent for my liking, maybe too much low midrange? I can hear the envelope restarting and I’d rather just kind of perceive it throbbing lower in the mix… maybe cut the mids but let some ‘air’ come out on it with the higher frequencies high shelf EQ maybe). Your ears will tell you it’s there but you don’t actually really ‘hear’ it as such (it’s a psychoacoustic thing where your brain infers the relation of the frequencies in the sound by their phase and harmonics).

  • the water glistening noises are cool, maybe just a bit too prominent in the mix (but my monitors are biased towards treble so…) and a little rolling off of the very top might help (low pass filter?).

  • I’m getting picky now but the static noises might be made a bit trippier with some delay and/or phase.

  • the pianoish sound towards the end gets kinds of buried in the mix and I can’t really hear it. I’d sidechain everything except the main components (drums, bass) so they get out of the way when it’s playing, post-FX too so any delays etc can come through.

But yeah I do quite like it or I wouldn’t bother writing all that lol maybe I’m wrong but maybe it’ll help

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WOAH MAN!! :open_mouth:

I cant put in words how much I appreciate the feedback man!! THANK YOU!!!

A lot to consider and I did - back on it.

again thank you for your time!!

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Updated! Please drop any feedback! If you like, please like share comment ect ect :slight_smile: Thank you all in advance!


I did consider a lot and hopefully, the changes are audible! Some things i decided to keep but eq’ed and all, like kick, noise and more
hopefully all for the best :slight_smile: and again Thank You for your feedback and time!!!

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Yeah sounds better to me tbh!

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That intro is cool af, kinda reminds me of some Eminem beats … is quite a subtle track really, think the sub is really nicely placed and I’m a sucker for those watery sounds :slight_smile: nice !

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