O.M.Dz - Fractures (deep dubstep)

Heya all its nice to finally to pass basic initiation and be able to share my take ons i hope you enjoy and please download, share, comment, criticize, ect ect! thanks all! :slight_smile:

i think it could use a bit meatier kick, nice tune though. digging the ‘scattered’ tambourines or whatever they are

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Big massive thank you for feedback fam I really appreciate it! No lie I always thought my kicks been lacking;

it would sound better on the low end I presume?

And yea i dont even know how to call those tambourines myself haha just sampled and fxed the bubble out of them haha

again safe for feedback :facepunch:

this is spooky

and F***in nice :slight_smile: kinda like some medi stuff but a bit darker… to be general about it…

love the rhythm and the way the hats interact/sit with the snare… proper lean back/forward sorta vibe :_)

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Ultradark. Love the snare too.

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Really like the spooky and eerie vibe to it!, and the wide tambourines are really cool and I think it could definitely use a beefier kick, nice stuff man!

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