O.M.Dz - Pandora by O.M.Dz ( Dark Dubstep )

So another new one, please don’t hesitate to drop feedback/judgement/tips

I’m mostly wondering if it distorts and perceived general cleanliness on your monitors.

Again big thank you all for support, much love!

I like deep tracks. Just a thought - I’d experiment with some sidechaining sending kick (maybe also the sub bass) to the cracks and screeching bass bus.

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Safe safe brother for the feedback!! Much appreciated!

If its not too much to ask: Is the kick with sub not coming through or is it a muddy mix?

Thank You in advance!


Not muddy at all. I just imagine that maybe a little pumping effect can give interesting results, for ex. that kick could lead this “crack” sample to give kind of burial’s tracks feeling…:slight_smile: