Oam bass / mid help


Anyone know how to re-create a sound like these? I have no idea where to start :confused:





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you mean the sub thing?
you could prob get it just playign around with a lowpassed square with an envelope on the amp and maybe filter, ive heard you make more difficult sounds in ur tunes so shouldnt be that hard. maybe a downwards pitch envelope could work too

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you make a lot of these sound design threads lol
just pick a synth and learn it inside out, cliched advice I know but once you know synthesis it shouldn’t be too hard to make any sound you want
a lot of these sounds are really simple and just sound good in the track coz of placement etc

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They’re just low pass filters opening on the cut off of ‘saw like’ waveforms. create a synth patch with multiple saw oscillators at various pitches or whatever, assign them all to the filter and open the filter as it plays, gives you something similar, just need to mess about with the oscillators, resonance, etc to get the sound u want