Obscenity & EH!DE - Savage Nature EP [Firepower Records]

If you got any questions (production wise or anything else), feel free to ask :smile:

Nice, I liked that EP. Cool to see you on the forums!

Cool to see ya on here bro, great work on that EP :smiley:

The sound design was really sick on the EP but the main thing I want to know is how do you go about making an EP like that. I am starting to slowly understand making full tracks but I would like to know what steps you take when making a track. Although you might take different steps each time what do you usually find yourself doing? Do you think of a melody in your head and then put it down and go from there? Or would you make a sound first and work on a small drop, then do melody?

Really like your music man and I can’t wait too hear some more stuff from ya, keep up the great work :smiley:


Well i think it depends on what music you make.
For example, mine is more melodic, so i usually lay down some intro bass, load a synth and start playing it like a piano, straight over the loop, untill something i like catches up.

For people who make more of the Riddim subgenre, ive seen them put a drum loop and design sounds till they get a major headache hahaha…

Eitherway, for me, once the melody is down, the rest is a piece of cake… Sometimes i even write the drop melody in a piano sound, and then just tweak in the sounds.

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