Obscure dubstep 12"s

for some reason I remembered how good 1975 by Mr Gasparov was the other day and it got me thinking, how many other overlooked tunes are out there by producers who dropped one or two releases and then promptly ghosted?

There’s got to be tons of these sorts tunes about. Anyone else got some gems?


Really enjoy this 12, I just got this recently. Not amazing, but decent and goes well in the mix.

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Not quite 140 but still

i’m sure someone will come along and say these aren’t obscure but these are some of my favourites that are somewhat on the obscure side.

Funny I just picked those up. Various Production one I was reminded of it by the FACT 40 Best Dubstep Singles.

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yeah didn’t know about Hater until that article, glad i found out late than never though

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They aren’t obscure at all lol, you might say they’re underrated, but all of those guys are pretty high profile.

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it’s the 12"s that are obscure jesslem not the artists.

They aren’t though, everyone in the scene would’ve known about them, it’s just that nobody gave a fcuk. Ignored =/= Obscured.

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dat jesslem troll game so on point today :sunglasses:

How is he trolling?
They are by well known artists with more than 1 or 2 releases and they certainly aint obscure.
They just wern’t that big cause they are weak.
They are underrated releases that you like.


Here’s obscure, but this one’s an acetate (not a 12). There used to be a comment about this existing and being given out somewhere, but its gone now.
eXez b/w Karma. Anyone know what the Karma tune sounded like? I can’t find it anywhere, by which I mean I can’t find on YouTube.

pete’s one

boat noodles/erstwhile rhythm remix

sooooo good

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Also, on a bit of a Japanese music tip lately, and I rediscovered this 12" I got a while back and put into the archives. Surprised that Dubtro hasn’t had more releases, beyond this and his collab with Karma. Though I would say, maybe this isn’t obscure, since it was on MindStep.



yeah that one, perfect punch drunk style leftfield dubstep

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ofc all the internet dubstep nerds know them.

i reckon the average dubstep listener (or lurker of this website) doesn’t know southside dubstars at all, or hotflush, or earwax, or those mala or magnetic man records

certainly the various productions one is obscure.

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I don’t think most of the listeners and lurkers know many dubstep 12"s at all.

Read the OP:

“by producers who dropped one or two releases and then promptly ghosted”

Dubstep was so varied and obscure itself, just pick pretty much any Hyperdub release.
OP is asking for a very niche specific and it’s actually quite hard to think of tracks that are truley obscure with only 1 or 2 releases under their name.

This thread could be good but it will just be ruined with people posting a shit load of tunes that they think go slightly out of the generic framework of what they think is dubstep.


Yeah this thread has potential… I assume a lot of it will be stuff from outside the UK pre-brostep era. Must have been v. hard to be outside the UK, press tunes to vinyl and sell them. I assume a lot of people gave up quickly after poor sales simply due to wrong place wrong time.

Moldy - Black Forest (Part 1) instantly comes to mind for me. Moldy isn’t (or shouldn’t be) that unknown to many on here, hes one of the early reppers of dubstep in the states and I’m sure Joe Nice pushed quite a bit of his music early on. This tune was on his debut release, the B-side, and criminally underrated/overlooked/unknown ect.

Big, big stripped back roller. Cheap as you like to pick up as well.

Nowt on yootoob but theres clips on Juno and the like: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/moldy-windmill-dub/248158-01/

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