Off The Meds - Off The Meds album

This is great. Sort of techno/130 influenced beats created in Sweden with Zulu-Tsotsitaal-English* vocals. Big grooves and basslines. Really interesting

*cheers @Paralytik


Woah first track :surprised: this is sick
Love that dread kinda sounding pad, sounds like something out of 90’s east coast rap.
Vocals work so well too

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Oh fukin wack art work tho :cornlol:

Ye if this didn’t start playing in a recommended playlist I def wouldn’t have clicked voluntarily lol.

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It also led me to this Joy O remix of one of their tracks from last year - big tune as well

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Cool stuff. I recognise some of the names in the release text.

…Zulu-Tsotsitaal-English flow…

Is the language btw.

Here’s a link to their shop if anyone wants to cop the vinyl


lumpy shipping for the goblins, but it’s on redeye

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