Offering mixdown service


First post here:

I’m guessing this will be a non-starter because producers’s will naturally be mixing their own stuff but I’m looking to practice my mixing skills and would love to engineer other people’s productions if anyone is up for it. I’ve seen a lot recently that mixing other artist’s productions can be very beneficial for developing your own understanding. This would be offered purely in a casual way, not offering my services for money

The same goes for mastering opportunities. I am only amateur but I do have a solid understanding of mastering practices

If not, does anyone have any other suggestions other than writing more of my own music to then engineer?


hey man would love to give u a shot at mixing my dubby hip hop tune. shoot me and email if your still into doing this


theres load of people that are well versed in the other aspects like ideas and being creative and such

that would benefit from working in a duo with someone like you i think

just a thought