🄳🅂🄵 Official “Talking ‘Bout Production Contests” Thread

Who would be interested if I put a pack together over the next week?

Do it

Oh, I don’t know, maybe the guy who’s been on and on about this FFE… That one guy…


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v interested



How should we punish him when he fails to deliver?

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yeah would be fun

can u make it w real samples and not 4 sinewaves i have to put in a sampler & fuck w for 35 hours

i hate that shit


Please make it just random mouth noises and you saying dumb shit

i’m down if
a) the pack is good
b) it doesn’t have to be a dubstep riddim

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Any genre is welcome xx

I think I found your balls. Hmu when you’re ready to take them back :wink:

@ gats & cyclopian, chill it’s a stress ball.

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I’m in under this condition lol.

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Sinewave and a white noise sample.

All you need.

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Struggling to think of reasons you’d actually need the noise sample.


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You can make noise from a sine. And you don’t even need noise to make a snare.

The whole point of those comps is to go out of your way to go beyond the box, imo.

Should do a contest where the sample is someone reciting Shakespeare or something. That’s it. Make a song outta that