Official TRUSIK thread


Free Download: Blind Prophet - RAS


TRUSIK Mix 50: Akcept


Happy New Year! We kickstart 2018 with our interview between Assemblist and Another Channel who recorded TRUSIK Mix 49 >>


Samba chats with fellow Encrypted Audio label mate Malleus who provides TRUSIK Mix 51 :skull:


stop spamming your music everywhere…you should post it it in this thread only:


Cold classic dubplate from Icicle & Youngsta given away as a free download


Assemblist chats with TRUSIK about his musical influences, current projects and has kindly recorded a beautiful melodic mix :loud_sound:


Jay Zer0 reviews the debut vinyl entry from Bhed on this relatively unknown German label Hedonism Recordings.


Another beautiful body of work from the incredible Gantz :heart:


can’t go wrong with a new Headland mix…d/l activated


Pre-orders tomorrow 6 pm BST via Unearthed Sounds :skull: