Old-school Dubstep websites/mixes/albums?

Hello, I was recently on r/dubstep figuring out what a 2 step beat was, and I came across a lot of older tracks like Skream’s Rutten and Midnight Request Line, and wanted to know if there were any places or websites dedicated to older, classic dubstep tracks, before 2010 preferably or just anything without in your face obnoxious mid frequencies. I still enjoy Skrillex and Datsik but after finding out what older dubstep sounded like I enjoyed it more. Any recommended tracks, websites or CD/vinyl mixes would be greatly appreciated! Some artists that I’ve already heard of are Skream, Benga, Caspa, Rusko, the Widdler, and the Others. Thanks again!

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Hang around the forum and you can find quite a bit of talk about older dubstep as well

this one of my personal fav albums from that era

if you properly click into youtube from here it should be a playlist of the full album.

Enjoy your search into the earlier sounds of dubstep. Some absolutely great music to be found.

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big thanks to everyone who replied!

Anyone have any old Scientist rinse mixes? Like this one. Hell id even take a download of this one…

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Some of the first dubstep tunes I ever heard where the tunes from Chrispy. It is this kind of mix between old skool electro and the stuff Datsik was making. Maybe you like it :slight_smile: Enjoy!