Old School Feel Dubstep (Sponce & Spin-Sir) MidWest Coastin' (Free Download)

First real collab… Please let me know what you u think.

nice use of breaks :smile:

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

i think its not about the time for 99% of people but rather they dont wanna be disappointed by a bunch of noise.
felt like i needed to point this out. also can’t tell you anything right now since i’m only on laptop speakers but +1 for no noise already

Kinda confused on what you mean brutha. Would love to understand.

actually i was just bitchin haha. i mean u said thanks for taking time to listen, i think its not really about taking the time for most people but rather not daring to click play because so much noisy ‘crap’ is around here when people ask for feedback. like i barely click play because i expect it to be this certain type of stuff and i don’t wanna feel uncomfortable by hearing all this noisy try on music haha

and i gave u +1 without even havin the proper possibility to judge the tune simply because it was non of this noisy stuff :wink:

Word brutha I get you. Big up an that +1 I’ll take that… On top of what you said. Super funny too how all this noisy “Crap” people actually like. lol

balance of elements feels a bit out of whack in places. can’t say much about the arrangement from a short preview but if you can work that out you’ll have yourself a good tune. feelin it.