One man's record bag is another mans shopping bag

So this is something that has happened for years. Some DJ’s are very careful about letting people know what plates their holding in their bag, the whole trying to keep your set the most unique and interesting. In an age where we share everything though, I’ve heard other people getting really shitty for not sharing certain tracks, it’s almost as though people think their entitled to know what others are playing. I personally don’t share everything with everyone. Sure, certain man might get to know what I’m playing but if I’ve been sent a dub and they don’t want people knowing who it is yet, then of course I’m going to respect their decision. Shit, I remember when DJs use to (and still do) stick labels over track names on vinyl!

What are your thoughts. Do you share everything? Somethings? Nothing? I’d be interested to hear other peoples ideas about tune sharing.

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tbh, I will always let people know what tunes I’ve played if they ask. I’m at a place where a few people will send me dubs and I get em cut. Part of the reason they do this (imo) is so people might ask about it/them.

I’m not getting the super secret dubs, as most of the time the tunes are kept hidden for hype leading up to a release, I don’t get those. I’m getting tunes that won’t see a release and some VIPs of released tunes, so I don’t think there is any need to hide the tunes I play.

As for the records I play, I won’t do you a full track list, mainly because I can’t remember what I play exactly. but if someone comes to me and asks “what was the tune that goes like…” I’ll happily tell them.


When I used to spin with Bambatta back in the day there was a lot of record label covering up. One time I checked what tune he was spinning, and the label said “for the name of this record, see other turntable”.

So I checked the record on the other turntable, and it just said “get off my dick!”. Man, those were the days.

It all boils down to a matter of independence with shopping label bags;

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Haha, amazing! That’s too funny. Like, I get both sides of the story and I’ve been on both sides as well. My old boss was a vet and if you tried to ask him what anything was, he’d try and spin you a yarn but then other times, you could be chilling in his shop and he’d start busting out all these rare as fuck dubplates that I’d never even heard of.

If someone asks me for a tune name, depending on the tune and the mood, I’ll usually give it to them, but if it’s something really special, I might just tell them the label and tell them to keep watch. If the same breh keeeeeps coming up time after time, then he (or she) is definitely trying to shop my bag!

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Don’t play out, and when I mix I give a TL, but I think 1 ID per person is fair. Personally wouldn’t ask a DJ more than once, and even then I’d only ask as far as "Is that by you?"
Can work nicely sometimes, gotten myself some sweet dubs out of it.

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Also wait until the set is done, and they’re outside having a cigarette and they’ve already had their ego stroked by a few punters. Catching people in a good mood like that can help.