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Really wanted to start a thread for all things online radio. What stations are you listening to? Where are they heading in the future in your opinion?

And everything else.

They’re gonna be around for a long time and if anything, with the improvements to 3G & 4G mobile internet, they’ll get bigger. (imo anyway)

As for what I listen to, mainly or NTS these days.

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Yea completely agree- it’s really exciting that radio will grow again on this platform- like a new breath of life. What do you like most about sub and NTS?

I’m not someone who just listens to the radio all day, so the only thing i look for is what shows are on the station. NTS & Sub fm both have DJs that I like, so I listen to them.

cba to remember schedules so most of the time i just get podcasts/recordings

wish there were more talk radio type shows for this type of music, at least once in a while; especially since nowadays you don’t have the constraints of pirate radio

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yeah i know what you mean, I’d like to have some music discussion podcasts too

absolutely. i dunno exactly what you guys are into but more podcast/shows like elijah’s ‘rythm & cash’ right? what kind o f discussions would y ou like to see?

I used to play on and really enjoyed it and the community, but with 3G and 4g only just becoming mature and available for all, it really does seem like it’s on the cusp of being a lot more accessible to everyone, which is great news. So Sub FM is home, but NTS is probably my favourite for the number of shows and stars they have. The Do You?!? morning show has some great personalities and interesting chat.

I would love some more music discussion shows, but it’s a hard line to walk imo. So many times especially on that butterz show, do the hosts and guests just end up chatting some inane shit instead of getting stuck into some interesting topics. (in fairness I’ve really enjoyed some of them).

idk i don’t follow butterz

maybe something like this

tho it would be cool to get people with more of a music journo background (simon reynolds, lee gamble etc)

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who’s that girl on nts is good, i think it’s monthly, profiles a woman in music, with tunes and and talking about her life

just recently got into NTS, much prefer it over rinse nowadays. some local radio stations are pretty good; RadioX (where I play every once in a while) has a somewhat decent dnb show and some techno/house/experimental slot I like to check out every so often. RaBe features a mate of mine’s experimental show which usually is quite good. Timnah Sommerfeldt hosts her own mixlr-show every friday called ‘home’; loads of local talent aswell as some bigger names (Ben UFO was on there a couple of weeks back).

yes really good point!

Listened to NTS for about 6 months around a year and a half ago. Always a great selection of music from a massive range of different djs/artists/etc.

Cheers for the NTS hookup. Hadn’t heard of it before.

Today I listened to a recent Liberation Technologies show on NTS, was quality, don’t know if it’s a regular one or not.

Don’t forget about Radar Radio. It’s a growing station, but many great people have DJed there. There’s also Riz La Teef who occasionally mixes there, sometimes he’s even accompanied by an MC or two.

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word, they got beneath, filter dread among others, heard some good sets on there

Yeah everyone at Radar’s solid, you should support them. I did a couple of shows on there early in the year before they realised they could get people a lot better than me haha. Waiting for Beneath’s latest show to get uploaded atm

It’d be cool if y’all people with these great suggestions could link a ninja up at the same time…