Opinion on my new dubstep track!

Hi, I’m an italian producer, that’s my last dubstep track.
I wanted to know if you like it and how do you feel it!
I’m glad to hear any type of tips and criticism!
Here’s the song! Have a listen!

Track doesn’t have any real hook elements that make it stand out from the other instrumental tunes like this. Lots of noisy midrange and not much else, I’m afraid :frowning:

Thanks for replying! Do you mean it’s too similiar to others?


For example, say you wanted to buy this tune in a shop. How would you describe it to the man behind the counter? There isn’t a hook element or sample that really makes it stand out from other tunes like it.

Tune itself isn’t bad. The arrangement evolves, it’s not too long/repetitive, and the mixdown lets all the elements come through. There is just nothing to really tell it apart.

Yes I know what you mean, but it’s probably because when producing you unconsciously tend to come up with sounds that you hear everyday in other songs, so yes I got your point!

If that’s the case, then stop listening to that sort of song. Listen to something as far removed from the type of music you’re trying to make as possible, so that you’re getting different influences.

If all you’re doing is listening to a certain type of music, and then trying to make that kind of music, your productions won’t ever stand out as they’re just copies of something that already exists.


I can assure I don’t do that, I love and listen too many different genres of music, I basically come from rock and blues, I love metal and progressive and I also love electronic music. I don’t listen only to that type of music!

nice bass synth processing, but like Tabasco says not much of a “hook” maybe more of a melody in there?

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