Opinions on Sylenth1?

I have been using Logic pro x for a while now with no external plugins and I’m planning on buying a vst synth.

I’m after a workhorse synth that can make a wide range of sounds and that I can use for bass sounds, leads, and pads etc. as I can only afford one right now.

Sylenth1 seems good and is affordable at £99. I’ve considered massive but it would take me while to save up enough to buy it.

This is some of the music I’m into. Would I be able to create sounds similar to those made by these artists if I knew the synth very well? Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Floating Points, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Joy Orbison, FaltyDL etc. (I’m aware these artists cover quite a lot of electronic music sub genres and that a lot of these artists don’t make dubstep, but I like this community so I though I would ask in here anyway)

And any general opinions on Sylenth1?


Sylenth is a pretty good, clean, crisp sounding synth. I own it and I would say it’s strengths are pads, arps, etc. but not necessarily bass sounds. Prob the best thing to do is download the demo and try it:


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try the demo

I just realised I’ll need to use a bridge to use it with Pro X as it’s only supports 64 bit plugins. Sylenth1 plus a bridge costs almost as much as massive.

What are the main differences between the two and which do you think I should go for?


Check out some online demos/videos of each and decide from there. I would say Massive is better for bass, and Sylenth is better for pads, but each will do both, so the decision should be based on your own personal taste.

Awesome, thanks for the help!