Orfium: Where Moop Explodes in2 Yr Musichole ⇨ 👂 ⇦





Been checking the site out, pretty interesting tbh. Lots of potential.

The catalog is… eh. But I think if we got some of the talented producers from here to post up some tracks…

The DnB selections are better than the dubstep ones right now.

For the Mods: possible to add their embedded players? They’re iframes currently…


‘member when music sharing/streaming sites’ selling point was the community instead of how many cents they’ll pay you to monetize your shit?

i 'member


I agree: however, SC killing groups and antagonizing creators does not foster community either. And shit like the Apple model which says artists are less important than the platform itself - ugh.

The key here - and I dunno how much you lot have actually peeped about Orfium yet - is that it’s fundamentally a social platform first - they appear to be making a strong commitment to the community aspect above and beyond a simple universal audio dump.

So disappointed somebody changed their profile pic to this before me. :crying:

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Best 3 min u spent in layers in a bit imo.


I should of copyrighted that joker close up image. Ronzlo going to make me rich in royalties.

Probs yea.

For fucks sake :joy:

And a new meme is born… :baby:

its Inverted 2016, nice work lads


OK, back to OP:

Orfium currently has 3 dubstep categories:

Now granted, not as bad as that shit someone posted up recently (like the 20 styles of dubstep OSS and it listed techstep as a dubstep subgenre :confused_og:)

…But they need help.

Also: wtf is “indie dance” as opposed to say generic 4/4 club/edm :poop:?

More interesting stuff in https://www.orfium.com/music/experimental/

wtf is “indie dance” as opposed to say generic 4/4 club/edm :poop:?

Probably Cascada or something, no idea really.

Nah I think it’s a bunch of emofagz who finally realized their shitty Joy-Division-with-disco-drums sound was played out a decade ago so they begrudgingly traded in the beautiful $3000 bass they couldn’t play well for a $3000 DAW setup with which they wind up making 3-track 4/4 with them moaning lyrics about their lives over it all.

And haircuts.



Got a 150bpm 4/4 project going on here

Legit song name idea :badteeth:

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^Speaking of which



One listen in 2 weeks… :confused_og:

the #1 track in the charts has 23 plays …