Orson Appreciation


Quality. Some new Orson bits in there too, or at least sounds like it.


Version009 by Yak is pure vibes


Pev on the guestmix


omg, what a session!

edit: just finished listening, so restrained! in the best way, proper dub tension going on and purely nice grooves, never really reaches into too much, very german haha, loved it orson and hops are insanely underrated in the dube step scene, they’ve always been a bit ‘behind the scenes’ tho anyways.


Loved Hops RA mix, it’s the perfect combination of music I love. Can anyone recommend me something similar?



orson is top notch!


Went to the VERSION party last night in Düsseldorf, was absolutely wicked.

He played House, Acid House, Techno, Dubstep, Swamp 81 stuff, Jungle

Was impressive to have so many genres combined in like 4 - 5 hours

Definitely recommend everyone to go there


Been on my radar for ages. Hopefully soon