Orson Appreciation

Big up Orson for this vinyl mix, including an interesting interview:



nice tunes in that, love natural charge

never heard of that benny ill thief in the night remix before either

I guess he has quite a lot of unreleased tunes, I really hope that he will keep up releasing more on his Version label.

orson has arguably one of the sickest collection of dubs in the scene… all the good benny ill / mala / loefah shit is in his hands. plus he’s a terrific DJ and version’s a sick label.

I really like his flickr account too, some cool snapshots in there.

Plus he always gives a bunch of his records to the local shop in DĂĽsseldorf, whose collection of dubstep consists of like 5 records, and 80% of them are not the big thing.

wow… “selector pokes”


Got my hands on the new version today, sounds heavyweight.

Even the non-dubstep tracks really get’s me

maaad respect for orson!

he’s got some unbelievably massive tunes too! check my trusik mix - played an orson dub or two… big big big big…

Orson - Production House. incredible. listened to the Swamp 81 Loefah + Yellakins January 2015 set many times since then, many great tracks in that show. Production House on Version day dream

fuuuuuu wish i could’ve been there looks to be an awesome setup

This is the shit, there isn’t another DJ I wanna catch more atm I don’t think.

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fucking hell, 14~ minutes onward… so heavy, shelling my room haha

you know what that tune is around 17:30?

edit: tune at 30 minutes is a fuckin belter as well jeeez

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Not a clue mate, I know about 3 from the whole mix lol

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haha seen, is one of the ones you know at 45~ minutes? :slight_smile: that tribally one, such a banger

No :pensive: I would love to know as well. 1.02.30 feels like Loefah, what you reckon?

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not sure tbh haha, big fuckin set. You’re totally right about him being one to see though. Has that vibe where you know you’d be turning to your mates the whole time and makin faces.


@epiccentipede6942 you’re needed.

It’s just some loefah untitled tune with a bascom lonely girl sample it’s in here too https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/swamp81050215

don’t really listen to that much swamp 81. Loefah also did another similar swamp tune which is also untitled but people presume it’s called “whatever”.

Shells as always