Outdoor Cafe DJ Set

So I just asked a local cafe if they need anyone to DJ for them, seeing as I’d seen one there before, and they said they are looking for more. The general vibe is summer house tunes, although I’m sure other genres wouldn’t go amiss. It will be my first DJ set so I’m pretty excited, if you guys have any tips or track suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!!!

I should add that house isn’t my usual choice, so if anyone could point me in the direction of good artists/labels that’d be great

Play music that sounds good at low volumes


That’s a good point, I’m used to DJing with floor standing speakers, but these ones are monitor type ones. (That is, if they provide speakers)

Spend a few hours trawling bandcamp. Undiscovered gems and you support small artists.

Also do plenty of wheelups and gunfingers.


Good suggestion, itll be great to have a mix of crowd pleasers plus lesser known gems

In a predominantly elderly, family orientated town, I’m sure the gun fingers will go down an absolute treat :cornlol:


I particularly like that Dewy Fields tune… I’m gonna throw in some garage tunes as well, especially ones that have that ‘organ’ sound:

Will be good to have some upbeat tunes and some calmer ones too

This song that was posted in the Future is shit thread will be a solid choice too

mmmmmmmm not heard that villalobos mix in ages

if i went into a cafe and someone was djing house tunes i’d leave immediately, just play jazz m8 tbh


I played a 30 minute dubstep set at a record store/café once during the late afternoon which only impressed my mates and one guy who was into garage. Just don’t do that and you’ll be fine!


Jazz would be the more obvious choice, but seeing as there’s no indoor seating they want something a bit more uptempo… summer-y type shit

I think you’re probably not ready if you have to ask for tunes… especially if you’re even unsure what type of music you should play! you need so much music knowledge to fill out a recurring slot that a couple of recommendations on a forum isn’t enough

but I don’t want to be a spoil sport so check out this world music spotify list of mine for tips


Thank you for the advice man, and the playlist too.

Regarding genres I know it’s house they mostly want played, which isn’t my usual choice, but I’m very keen to play a set, and I’m confident I can play a good one with enough time to prepare for it. Before I started DJing I loved digging through Spotify/Discogs and forums for new music, so I knew learning to DJ would be a sick idea. So might as well ask for your tune suggestions whilst prepping :hugs:


Better to try and fail than never try at all.
I say fuck it and do it.

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play gabba


I’m making some Venetian Snares-ish DollDollDoll era gabba.
Gonna l33t haXXor his Numarks and drop it peak time during his set.

Nothing like a bit of speedcore to get the oldies through their fish finger baps :corndance:

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Oh hell yes