Over compression question

I’ve seen people say that some songs sound too compressed or something along those lines. My ear is not trained enough to be able to tell when I’m listening to a song if its too compressed or not. I currently dont use much compression in my productions but Im wondering if I compress a bit more, I can get my tracks to be a bit louder without actually noticing a compression difference. What kind of characteristics would qualify a track to be “too compressed” other than the super obvious pumping or clicks you can get from over doing it. Thanks homies!!

no dynamics = too compressed … the more compression = the fewer dynamics

not speaking about compression for design/style

what will make your track louder finally is a good mixdown

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I see, do you think someone could easily think that a track is over compressed if the artist mixed everything to be around the same level then? Trying to figure out if there is a different sound the compressor may give by being too compressed or is it just the all the sounds are equal volume creating no dynamic range, thus making it sound “over compressed” to someone else. thanks!

whether something sounds ‘too compressed’ is obviously absolutely personal. if you like how it sounds its all good. there are certainly different levels of being able to judge whether something sounds good or not though.

i mean you can tell the dynamic difference between a jazz tune and a pop song can’t you?