OZBOY - Flutter (First Post)

Hey everyone, i’m new to the DSF community but i thought i’d introduce myself with this track:

I generally make Glitch hop/Dubstep/Drumstep.
and i was wondering if there is any possible feedback for this track that i can apply to my next tracks.

Hey man nice track! I’m gonna start off with a request and then a little Constructive Criticism , (I’m not hating)for future tracks.So my request is to post this video on YouTube, This will be my first video. I’m starting a channel in hopes to get the new guys out there and i think this track would be a great start. Anyway on to the tips, i don’t have a whole lot because this is actually a very nice track for someone just starting out. I do want to say though that a ways into the track i started to be able to predict whats coming next, this may just be my experience with the genre kicking in, but still it started to become a little repetitive. Also i was a tad bit disappointed in “drops” which for a song like this isn’t a big deal but i still would have liked to see a really cool drop or two. Anyway that’s all I’ve got to say other than that Great track man, good luck with future creations!

Hey man, really appreciate the feedback and i would be delighted for you to use the track. Completely understand where you are coming from and thanks for pointing it out. I will definitely make it something to address in future creations!
Thanks a bunch!