Paskee - the mothership (free download merry christmas! xox)

Hey guys here is my heaviest tune yet i think i wasn’t going to upload it but i thought may as well because i have no idea what to do with it now, im open to any suggestions :slight_smile:

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Decent sound quality over all. The loudness and the fullness seems to be pro quality. At first the drop was a bit harsh to me, but after listening through it my ears settled to it and it made more sense haha. The change from the more distorted synth to the less distorted one in the main part really helped that, then when the distorted one came back, it had more context. The only other thing that was a little off to my ears is that the verse and the chorus seem to be in two different keys, so the flow is a little awkward for me. But other than that. Great Job!

Thanks for the quality feedback bro, i’m going to put a bit more work into i think.

Dude you were right about the intro and bridges being slightly off key, i checked it out and the root notes were just slightly off. ffs haha