Percy Miracles - warm up set for Mala

just wanted to post this set I did for our party with Mala recently, couldn’t find the mixes section so didn’t know where to post - feel free to move if not appropriate. tried to represent the sounds of dubstep that i love along with some other sounds that have influenced or been influenced by dubstep.


mt kimbie - carbonated
el b - digital
burial - south london boroughs
ramadanman - tumble
randomer - brunk
untold - stereo freeze
the dead weather - cut like a buffalo skreamix
rsd - jah way
massive music - find my way kode9 remix
2562 - circulate
skream - monsoon loefah remix
mark one - raindance
pangaea - hex
loefah - fire elements
el b - cuba
sully - feel it
martyn - is this insanity
loefah - woman
peverelist - roll with the punches
warrior queen - almighty father
cliques - aut
d1 - subzero
kahn & neek - dick tracy
jakes & joker - 3klane
wiley - eskimo vocal
bok bok - silo pass sir spyro remix
dizzee rascal - stop dat
skream - midnight request line
dj abstract - touch
joy orbison - hyph mngo
el b - when i fall in love


looks like an interesting track list, saved it for tomo

jeez yu just about got everybody in
don’t hear 2562’s dubstep played out much
nor Mk1 for a long time
and Cliques?

ah! the Kush in Melbourne
heard it was a good gig/rig

thanks for this

your wish is my command.

Tracklist looks heavy; I’ll give this one a spin later today.

2562’s records figure amongst my “get out of jail free”-section, alongside Vancouver and some other bits. Top-a-top timeless records. Man knows!

Melbourne eh?
Dont suppose you know Bevin Cambell who runs this

Nice T/L tho, will check after work!

Yeah, tracklist looks biggles man, covered it all. Interesting blends too, just the first one was eye opening. Would never have thought to put mount kimbie and el b together.

Looks like a nice mix.


was played for personal reasons, but other than that, I may take a listen later.

Was Ital released?

not sure if ital was ever released.

nah i’m from brisbane actually in qld - don’t know the guys from blend corp, i’ll have to get in touch.

and yep 2562 is a don, love all that stuff so much and never hear it get played. actually considered playing vancouver but wanted to drop something with space ape in it (rip).

also obviously stayed away from digital mystikz tracks being that mala was playing haha

Ah I thought you and Mala both did this mix…and nah it wasn’t…but 30 seconds of the a banger like Ital ever being played out is ridiculous if I’m honest.

he didn’t bring any old dubs unfortunately, was one of the first things i asked him!

The older stuff like creepah and that just can’t be beaten. I’d like to see more mixes where there’s a mixture of the old and new stuff tbh.

Of course not. Epic wouldn’t comprise his dubplate aficionado status by discussing a released tune…


Nice mix man, heard it yesterday on the train coming back from work

Wait, I was at the Mala gig on NYD at Sub Club? Was there a second one?

Certi. Has a residency at the bar I work at.

Nevermind, Bris yeah.

Mala played a wicked set here btw.

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Oh sick really? yeah he is a good friend! played on our boat at Outlook as well.

He was at the NYD one iirc

Yeah we rolled like 10 deep. I was a bit worse for wear by the time Mala played. Anyway, tracklist for this mix looks biggles. Just remembered that Dead Weather remix yesterday, think they got a new album out.
Also Find My Way. Oh gosh.

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