Pianos? Uprights specifically

Want to get one for my new place, wonder if it is worth getting a dirty cheap used one off Ebay/Gumtree. There are quite a few on there that people are just giving away for free, i assume cause they take up too much room, catch is you gotta pick it up which is fine.
If they have recently been tuned then is it a good idea? Some of them are old as fuk

Yeah, you could probably just get one for free because often no one wants to move them.

Get some friends and rent a van. Then get it tuned.

will have to be retuned after its moved

here, at lot of piano companies will pick the thing up for ya, move it into your flat, then tune it. Pricey, but might be worth looking into compared to hauling the thing yourself (renting van, friends etc) then getting it tuned after.

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Yeah what i’m thinking, anything will do for now

Pricey or?

Fixeded :duncelol:

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ring up a local piano place and ask em :slight_smile:

My old upright is now in the Pelton Arms in Greenwhich, had no room for it and my mate owns the pub so he picked it up. Some of the regulars there are members of Squeeze so it’s nice to think that maybe Jools Holland or Glenn Tilbrook has had the odd tinkle on my ivories


You’re gonna want to get it tuned every year or two anyway, best to get to know your tuning guy


parents got rid of an old piano about 5 years ago. not the easiest thing to sell, indeed.
got the local piano tuner / crackhead to come pick it up.

imo you shouldn’t even tune it. go full honky tonk.

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Bought one from a local seller who refurbishes, sells, teaches and tunes etc

It was a school Piano, really happy with it!


lol there are pianotuners that are crackheads ?