Pitch Control/DJing

I have been tring to learn how to beatmatch on a pair of Numark ndx900s. When I start to get really close to matching the two tracks my pitch control starts get get crazy sensitive. I have the pitch set to 6%.

They are digital/CDJ kind of things. Im not 100% sure but sometimes it sounds like the resolution on the pitch control wont let me make a move as small as I want to make. I’m barely touching it and still over shooting.

Could it be the resolution or is it just supposed be be a like this?
Anyone have experience with these turntables?

what are the steps?

I play on pios which are +/- 0.05 at 10 percent and although it can cause two tracks to drift away, it’s really negligible IMO

So stepping that much is normal.
I just looked mine it up. Apparently its +/-0.1%. I was hoping the steps would be smaller :frowning: .

So im guessing its a case of pulling the track back in as you mix if it’s out then. Thats going to make it a little harder to keep the track in the sweet spot.

0,1? that’s pretty rubbish tbh, on par with my 17 year old CDJ 100s :smiley:

still, you can mix with that, just gotta nudge it every now and then when you hear the tunes are drifiting apart, it’s just about getting used to it.

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That’s a little annoying.
I cant complain TBH I knew Numark’s reputation when I brought them. Then there was the price as well.

I don’t see why they couldn’t just put in an analog circuit for the pitch control.

Dont these have +/- buttons to speed up or slow down the track? That usually syncs up the track for a couple of bars. Can you upload a clip of your mixing?

I dont really have a problem pushing or pulling a track back in. It just it would be nice to find that sweet spot and just leave it.

I would upload a mix but I can’t quite beat match fast enough yet. Maybe in a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:. I wouldn’t mind some pointers.