Planet Mu 20th Anniversary mix (2005-2008) by Ital Tek

**Ital Tek Planet Mu 20th Anniversary Mix (2005 - 2008) Tracklist:**

Exile - Sliiime
Milanese - Mr Ion
Ital Tek - Tokyo Freeze
Ital Tek - Cyclical
Pinch - Qawwali
Boxcutter - Bug Octet
Vex’d - 3rd Choice (Loefah Remix)
Ital Tek - Deep Pools
Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines
µ-Ziq - Gary’s Gruesome Grime
Vex’d - Pop Pop V.I.P
Distance - Delight
Starkey - Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix)
Equinox - Acid Rain V.I.P. (Breakage Final Chapter Mix)
µ-Ziq - Ease Up VIP

bonus: Mike Paradinas interview

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TL looks fire, bout to start this,

on a side note: 14 quid for 50 wavs is a fucking bargain!

I think its only a very very tiny window into stuff from that label

I’m missing all my fav mu bits tbh, not that it’s not still good shit but …

mus strenght was never just post dubstep from british artist wtf wtf

with that being said … him saying this is nice though imo :
A lot of labels just release music on Bandcamp and keep it small. We could do that in the future.

wicked mix, lot of planet mu i still need to catch up on

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hellfish + producer
leaf cutter john
first joseph nothing release
venetians snares (first few like cats, chrome box unfolding are incredible tbh)
hrvatski (most underrated artist in the world imo)
some nautilis bits are nice
doormouse (og breakcore guy)
frog pocket - like a celtic themed aphex wannabe that is kind of great
some subjex bits are nice (funky idm like)
duran duran duran 12" ffs mu release all his bits :slight_smile:
machine drum

all worth more than a listen and what a fucking roster