Plates with problems

Thought this thread was doing quite well on the now old forum.

Any new plates with issues? Any genre is valid.

Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub / Warning Dub
Cult Of The 13th Hour - Wickedness
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Backwards / 9 Samurai
every record I ordered from Hardwax (big up DHL fuccbois; instore were fine)

There’s more.

Any genre? Just got the JD Unknown Pleasures re-release and it had all kinds of pocks in the vinyl. I’ve never seen this before.

Some of the tracks on Warrior Dubz skip randomly, for no apparent reason. Sometimes they’ll play through, sometimes they’ll skip, but it stops me from playing anti-war dub and mud vip (as often as i would have if they didn’t do this) cause i don’t want to scratch them too badly :confused:

was a second hand copy from discogs, although it was listed as NM. contacted the seller after the first skip and he told me to take a recording but when i played it, it wouldn’t skip again. it’s skipped a few times after that but never when i was ready to record. kinda an odd situation…

Maybe you need to give the records a clean? Could be an issue with the needle or the weight isn’t set correctly. My copy of Lurka & Commodo - airtight used to skip a fuckload after the drop, but after I got some need cartridges it played fine so it could just be a work needle


0 bass, was disappointed when playing it in the club and even the bass knob fully to the right was not enough…

Guess labels releasing aren’t even checking their test presses!

My copy of i wait Part 2 (from the book) was absolutely fine, i stored it in the book and after a few months it was warped. I dont have a clue How this has happened

i mean, this happened when i had brand new shures. none of my other records do it, so i doubt it’s needle/weight settings. cleaning could help, will give it a shot.

did the skipping ever cause a (noticeable) scratch?