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Some John Carpenter meets EBM vibes there. :bluethumb:

What 80s synth did you get?


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Found this guy randomly on Soundcloud and was feeling his stuff, so asked him to do a remix. More of a modern EBM techno take on the original.


I have a Korg Poly 800, same deal - synthesis through menu-only programming is insane but a good way to learn the ropes.

Remix sounds p good, would probably go off in an EBM club night!

You thought about a (if such a thing is possible) a subtle layer of tribal drums, like rolling floor toms?


Yeah I mean I think I kinda get the basics, but haven’t really spent enough time trying to properly get to grips with the programming. Really want to, it’s just finding the time. I’m worried that when I get a new synth, possibly after Christmas, that the SY77 will end up getting ignored…

I was actually considering getting a Korg DW-8000 at some point. Is it any way related to the Korg Poly 800 you have?

I have actually used some rolling drums on the track, although it’s very subtle. If you know my other tracks, I generally use quite a prominent drum loop sample as a major aspect of the track. But with this one, there is so much going on that the drum loop is very low in the mix so as not to overcrowd it. It’s the kinda thing that you might not notice, but when you remove it you notice it’s not there.

I’ve actually done a slightly updated mixdown of the original, so will upload that soon.

Cheers for the feedback guv!


Have updated the mixdown as best I can, but finding it really difficult, and still think it needs work, so any suggestions would be great.


not being funny but how come that track was uploaded 8 months ago, has 500 plays and only one comment?

it sounds alright to me btw - don’t think this is the kinda music to stress about perfect mixdowns on


Not sure what you mean by that? My tracks generally don’t get a lot of comments. The track was originally uploaded in July 2017, but I only just replaced the file with an updated mixdown yesterday.

Thanks for the feedback though.


i don’t mean anything rude tbh, just weird stats imo

i’ve got about 3x as many followers as you but the only shit of mine that gets >200 plays is collabs with cessman’s name in the title or my DJ mixes if i leave them up for like 2 years lol

tbh i would add some crazy shit to that track. if you want to hold my attention for 9 minutes i’m gonna need a police siren or some other similarly exciting sounds :cornstrobe:


It’s my most listened track, not sure why, but I aint gonna question it, just glad people are listening to my music, although it would be nice to get more followers haha.

Duly noted on the feedback too :wink:


I can’t think of any way to improve it, though you might want to listen to RHCP from Blood Sugar Sex Magic and before to hear good examples of heavy funk metal mixes lol Mother’s Milk is good