Please Help recreate this Synth

There used to be a sticky thread a few years back dedicated to the recreation of synths heard in various dubstep songs. I believe the rules were to post a link to the song and the exact time the synth in question began. Well I haven’t been here for a while as I’ve been traveling around the world gaining life experiences and shit. But I’m home now and recently heard this:

And if anyone took the time to listen to this they may notice that it is a Trap Remix of an old Dubstep song. Which is fine I guess.
But at exactly 00:36 there is the most compelling, rich, deep, thick, vibrant synth I’ve ever heard. I don’t Even really like this song but I keep listening to it over and over because of this synth.
If anyone who is skilled in the creation of synths, weather it be Massive, or Operator, can help me recreate this sound or something similar, I would be eternally grateful and even send bacon via express mail.


Sounds a lot like the typical Datsik “Signatur” bass search for tutorials on YouTube there are tons of them