(Poll) Blind test - which sounds better?

Looking to digitise some records, just after some opinions on whether it sounds best recorded from the amplifier or direct from the phono preamp. Listen to the samples below and vote for your preference if you have one. Also if it’s possible to embed the audio directly, let me know…

  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2
  • No difference

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1 sounds better to me, maybe a little less bass but punchier and cleaner sounding

I haven’t voted yet, but there is a more bright high end in sample 2.

Actually, I’m not sure now but that was my first impression. They both sound pretty close.

nah youre right, high end is louder on #2 (it’s louder in general i think)

is #2 the one ran through the amp?

Yeah 1 is the preamp, 2 the main amp.
It is really close. Maybe slightly flatter and cleaner direct from the preamp. I do think the amp bumps the highs, the horns are more forward. Maybe also the lower mids? There’s slightly more of a ‘glow’ around that first electric piano chord just before the vocals. But maybe I’m just looking for something that isn’t there lol, hence the poll.

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I like #1, it sounds more intimate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)