Poll: The New DSF Forum

What do you think about the new DSF community forum?

  • Awesome! I will worship it everyday…
  • Something has changed?! Platform is irrelevant – the community is important.
  • Will work… eventually.
  • With some adjustments I will survive…
  • Will shit about it all the time, but I will stay
  • Utter disaster, nothing to do here any more.
  • (put your own comment below…)

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Actually this is only a test for Discourse polls and will not be taken seriousley :corndance: :sunglasses:

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how do you move from topic to topic btw?
I am also trying to figure out the best way to do it

To me the community was obviously the main factor. I think the change of forum doesnt matter that much. Plus this is way better on my phone.

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yeah i think the biggest positive is that the layout sizes down very well to phone resolutions

I usually used DSF from my phone, so the new mobile interface is great for that. But yeah, once you get used to the new design, and once everyone is settled I reckon it could work pretty well. That’s just my initial impression though

from a purely mechanical point of view, it’s actually much easier to use than I first thought. takes a day to get used to everything, but once you get the jist of it, everything makes sense and is very intuitive. however, with the small avatars etc. it’s also very unpersonal, which kinda sucks. hard. that’s what made dsf cool, innit. when I look at the names of the posters, I still know who I’m dealing with. but somebody new to this place will be fucking lost forerver. everybody is reduced to a couple 12pts letters instead of being alive.

can we please have sigs?

It took me an hour to figure out most of the things, I love the new platform, good job. I think I still need some time but it seems very intuitive and the change was definitely a good step.

Bleh. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but quite different. and it keeps saying “error” every few pages, but I guess that’ll get ironed out.

I think that we all experiencing this loading errors tonight and it has to do with too many concurrent connections (500+). Is it because of crawlers or a small DDOS attack, I’m not yet sure, but we will optimize our server for this kind of “hit”.

Was wondering about the possibility of DDOS attacks as the reason for the occasional fuckdiculous load time. Wish the wannabe hackers would go bother a Goa Trance board instead.

@4ndY just confirmed to me that we do have a DDOS attack on this forum which results in the occasional long load time.

I think the layout is nice. Its a bit weird after years of posting on traditional forums.

Lack of sigs is getting me down though.

Yeah my soundcloud views are mostly from my DSF sig :corncry:

i Feel that

After some tweaking of server settings and introducing automatic IP ban services for hostile clients, there should be a noticeable change of speed in the page loading. Or do you still experiencing the same slowness?

from my computer everything is fine, but loading is still kinda slow from my phone

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If your phone is Android, then this can be the issue. In that case, I cannot do much. But on the other hand I own Android phone too and I didn’t notice slowness :confused:

yeah I’m on android, but tbf it’s not a massive issue, just noticeable

digging the new look/layout

I’ve noticed its much faster than it was